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About Filtraponics

Filtraponics is a better solution to current options in smaller household and educational aquaponics.

Want to know how we know?

We are currently in the startup phase, and we are working on creating a customizable product that costs less that the other competitors.  Through hours of research in what people in the fish keeping community prefer for tank size and the learning curve present in the hobby.

Have a suggestion?  Send it to us!  Every little bit helps.



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Our Services

We offer educational and functional aquaponic systems​


We can design and work with schools to create custom larger scale aquaponic solutions​


We can generate educational resources for a range of ages


Sustain the World

By educating future professionals, we can create a more sustainable future, and secure a more balanced relationship with our Earth.  A great way to do that is to become more self-sustainable.

Filtraponics works to educate the future professionals as well as feed them.

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Isaac Bradford

Founder, CEO, Inventor


Isaac grew up all around the Midwest, mainly living in Iowa and North Dakota, but spent lots of time in Kansas with family.  He went to multitudes of science center, museums, monuments, and educational facilities as a child.  This jump started his inherent love for learning.  As he grew he became more and more interested with sustainability and doing his best to incur a positive change on the world.  In his eighth grade year, the dream behind Filtraponics was born in Evans Middle School in Ottumwa, IA.  From then on he kept his dream of creating a in home system of aquaponics with added features in the back of his mind.

Now, as a Junior at Iowa State University in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering he has been able to direct more attention to his dream and focus on creating educational aquaponics and resources to teach the youth and sustain our future.  In his little free time he likes to go outside and relax with friends.

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