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Filtraponics Check-In

Hello Everybody!

A tank I have at home that is graciously taken care of while I'm away (a photo in it's initial phases)

I’ve been really busy with a lot of things recently, so I have been unable/unwilling to work on the blog. Here are some things we are currently working on right now:

· The next Filtraponics Add-On (this is the one I wanted to make for a while now)

· Making time to work with seniors in The Iowa State TSM program to do research and development on new products and areas we want to research

On the personal side of things, I am taking a full class load, volunteering as an Engineering Project Manager for the ISU chapter of Engineers Without Borders, attending the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Club, and working with the capstone students as well as learning what I need to do prepare my business transaction for tax season! Keeping busy.

College is a crazy time and be an engineer and a business owner like I am learning the background to a lot of how the world functions. In Agricultural Engineering I also learn the science behind farming, plants, and water *everything*. Together I can see the pieces of how the world feeds itself, builds itself, as well as runs itself (from a business perspective). I’ve always dabbled in a lot of different interests, but it is nice to see that my interests and professional pursuits can all come together in my business.

We will see what the future holds but it looks eventful no mater what happens. Have a good day, and keep on growing!

The research set up the capstone team from the Fall 2021 Semester Team worked on

(Fact: There are little bacteria in your fish tank digesting your fishes’ waste to help keep a healthy water cycle (Ammonia->Nitrites->Nitrates). Someday I will go more in depth on a video to help explain how aquaponics function and why it can be helpful for tank management.)


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