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Baby Fish Scrapbook!

So I bought some guppies about a month and a half ago and in that time two of them gave birth to some babies.

Fun Fact: Guppies are live bearers which means the give birth to fully developed fry (baby fish) instead of laying eggs!

Here are some photos of the baby fish as they grew up. Today I found that 4 of the 5 juvenile guppies have color now!


6/2 - Day 1 (of first Fry)

Day 1

6/4 - Mother of next school (4 of the 5) Introduced

6/7 - 4 of 5 of the school together (1 more fry found later)

6/9 - Amano Shrimp added to tank

6/11 - The fry are growing fins (and getting along well with the Shrimp)

At this time, I was feeding powdered pellets and crushed flakes, they are bulking up now.

6/14 - Starting to see details and fins develop

6/22 - All the babies and their mother (mother of 4, surrogate mother of 1)

6/22 - Here is the comparison of the mother to the fry

7/2 - Fry starting to grow into adult size

The rest of these photos are of the fry from today, they have developed color and gotten bigger in size. The week before they began to develop color on their tails, but now they are fully colored.

I was doing some maintenance on the tank today which is why it looks dirtier than usual.

The reason there is so much algae is that I let the tank take it's natural course to preserve water conditions and prevent from changing water and killing bacteria. The fry are also messy eaters, so they left a lot of food uneaten. (I also allowed too much sunlight to the tank which can lead to algae growth).

Enjoy these pretty fishies!

Thanks for reading!



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