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Exciting Conclusion to an Amazing CYstarters Summer!

This summer has been a whirlwind. It’s been awesome and stressful, but it feels right for building a business. Like with everything, I have regrets “I wish I did this, I wish I did that” but at the end of CYstarters I can look back and smile knowing I know a couple 5-gallon buckets of dirty fish water more than I did when I started.

It was amazing and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing staff and co-cohort members this year. Big thanks to Megan Sweere, Rebecca Runyon, Judi Eyles, Tom Swartwood, Sam Dilocker, Jean Walsh, Clayton Mooney, Brady Trent, and Nebullam for guiding me this summer. I wouldn’t have made as much progress unless I had their guidance. For everyone that is looking to start a business, surround yourself with people like them, and you’ll do great.

And for all my cohort members:

Thank you so much for making this summer a fun experience! Best of luck in the future!

Demo Day brought upon the end of CYstarters but just the beginning for Filtraponics, I may still be in school, but every day I’m in school is one day I get to learn, which means I can better serve people in the future. Everyday I improve or learn my business gets better. I want to help give others the chance to learn and improve too. If you know a student who is going to Iowa State University and wants to participate in entrepreneurship, engineering, sustainability, or is just driven and wants to learn, tell them to email me at:

Also, big thanks to all the mystery judges at Demo Day and to the Ivy College of Business and Dave Sly for the $1000 pitch reward!

If anyone is interested, we are in the slow process of ‘launching’ and doing wholesale orders. If you or a local fish store is interested in some Aquaponics Add On kits buy some from our website or contact me at for wholesale prices.

Teachable Tip:

Algae growth is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorous in water! That’s why it is important to filter your fish tanks. Also, that is why algae can be used for water treatment (it ‘sucks’ nitrates and phosphorous out of the water).

Thank you all!

Thanks Diana Wright for the photo!


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