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New Products Coming Soon!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

I have been working on some products (a garden bed that can turn your fish tank into an aquaponic system) and I wanted to share some pictures of with you guys.

These should be available in the Innovate 1858 store and something will probably be available on my website soon (but not everything Innovate 1858 would have, as there are exclusive deals there).

I've spent a long time on designing, troubleshooting, printing, and creating these! If you'd like to preorder there will be a product in the shop for that soon. If you want to make sure you are one of the first ones to get one, send me an email at: saying I WANT ONE and I'll be sure to respond quickly.

Here are some photos of a clear version (our other colors include: tan, aqua, black, white, clear, lime, red, and for an upcharge, glow in the dark). (All of these products are printed with a Prusa printer and recycled PETG from GreenGate3D here in the US! ( Tell 'em Isaac sent you!

Here's a sneak peek for the Innovate 1858 exclusives!

Also, here's the new logo! (Stickers coming soon!)

Before I go, a little tip for fish keeping: add an easy level plant (i.e. Java Fern, Java Moss, etc.) to your aquarium to help decrease nitrate build-up.

Thanks everyone! Have a great day!


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